In a video for the It Gets Better campaign, singer Gloria Estefan reveals that she once considered “checking out.”

“I went through some tough times,” Estefan says. “I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I wanted to be strong for my mom, but deep inside I was crumbling. And there were many a time that I thought that the easiest way would be just to check out.”

The Grammy-winning singer adds that her family kept her strong and urges troubled gay teens considering suicide to hang in there.

“Thoughts can create reality and when you make your thoughts strong and positive you can create the life that you want for yourself.”

“Believe in yourself,” she adds. “And it will get better. I promise you.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The It Gets Better campaign is the brainchild of sex advice columnist and activist Dan Savage, who launched the project by uploading a video on YouTube. Savage announced Wednesday that the collection of videos which urge troubled gay teens to get help had swelled to 20,000, with over 10 million views.

Other celebrities and high-profile politicians who have created videos include President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, New York Governor David Paterson, Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns, rocker Adam Lambert and actor Neil Patrick Harris.