Figure skater John G. “Johnny” Weir has designed a t-shirt for The Trevor Project to support troubled gay teens considering suicide.

Weir announced the shirt, which features the words “Army of One” emblazoned on a purple backdrop, on Spirit Day, the day people are urged to wear purple and turn their Twitter and Facebook profiles purple to remember gay teens who have been bullied to death.

The 3-time U.S. National Figure Skating champion with a knack for drawing attention to himself announced the t-shirt on Twitter: “'Army of One' which challenges you to be strong, unique & love yourself first! All proceeds go to the The Trevor Project. March on!”

The shirt is available in a v-neck, a tank top and a t-shirt, with costs ranging between $20 - $28.

In an interview published Tuesday, Weir said he continues to be a victim of bullying.

“But suicide is never the answer,” Weir added. “If you want to send a message, live. And live the way that you want to live. And let that be your statement to the world. You have to be strong. Suicide is an easy way out of a problem.”