Elton John says he too is offended by the inclusion of a gay joke in the upcoming Ron Howard-directed comedy film The Dilemma.

“Enough already!” the 63-year-old singer-songwriter told glossy US. “I hate bigotry. I hate racial hatred. I hate sexual hatred.”

After CNN host Anderson Cooper criticized the film's trailer during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Universal Pictures responded by altering the online version of the trailer.

The new trailer no longer includes Vince Vaughn's character in a boardroom saying, “Electric cars are gay. I mean not 'homosexual' gay, but 'my parents are chaperoning the dance' gay.”

John praised Cooper for speaking out.

“His heart is in exactly the right place – same as mine. He thinks the way I do. He's intelligent, and he's on the side of what we're on,” he added.

Last week, Vaughn defended the joke, saying that while he was “outraged” by bullying and persecution, joking about our differences “brings us together.”

“Drawing divided lines over what we can and cannot joke about does exactly that; it divides us,” he said in a statement to celebrity website E! “Most importantly, where does it stop.”

“Vince is right,” media watchdog group GLAAD said. “Comedy does bring us together, unless one of us is the punchline. Then it pushed us apart.”