Congressman Barney Frank's longtime partner, Jim Ready, has been caught on camera heckling Frank's rival Sean Bielat.

Ready heckled the GOP candidate following a debate in Brighton. In the confrontation, which was caught on video by the Boston Herald, Ready calls Bielat “dude,” tells him he needs to “get used to” having his picture taken as he snaps the candidate's photo, and mocks his jokes.

“You just tried two jokes and they weren't even funny,” Ready says as Bielat is speaking to reporters.

“You're really standing here and heckling me? Is that really what you're doing?” Bielat asks.

“You started talking to me first,” Ready answers.

Bielat, 35, turns to the reporters and asks, “You guys believe this?”

“I don't think he meant any harm whatsoever,” Frank spokesman Harry Gural told the Boston Herald. “I'm not sure where it kind of went off track.”

This is Bielat's first run at elected office, but the Marine and business consultant appears to be closing in on the Democratic incumbent. One poll shows Frank leading by only 10 points.