More than half a million viewers tuned in to watch the debut of the BBC lesbian drama Lip Service.

The six-episode drama, which follows the lives of a group of 20-something lesbians, premiered Monday on BBC3.

Creator Harriet Braun told BBC Newsbeat that she wanted the show to feel authentic: “It was important to me that the lesbian characters came across as authentic to a lesbian audience.”

She added that she was looking to tell stories about people's passions, not their sexuality.

“Often gay characters in drama, the storyline centers on their sexuality, so there's stories of coming out or issues around homophobia. I guess what I would like to see more of is gay characters where their stories are potentially about fighting crime or being a doctor.”

The show – dubbed the “British L Word” – features Ruta Gedmintas (Spooks) as Frankie, a young woman whose return from America to Glasgow for the funeral of her beloved aunt creates a stir among her friends. Former lover Cat (Laura Fraser, Vanilla Sky) becomes anxious when she learns that her old flame has returned after a two year absence. Exciting – but wild – Frankie quickly gets the town talking.