A billboard in Colorado which depicted President Barack Obama as a gangster, a Mexican bandit, a suicide bomber and a gay man was removed days after it was erected, the Daily Sentinel reported.

The caricature shows four Obamas playing poker alongside rats, while two vultures peer on. “Vote DemocRAT, join the game,” is written along the top. Tags on the vultures say Soros and U.N.

The billboard was criticized by local Democrats and Republicans for being racist and disrespectful.

The artist, Paul Snover, who had hoped to tour the piece to other cities after the November midterm elections, said he received “very hateful” emails and phone calls. He refused to say who paid him $500 to create the image.

“He was wanting to represent the influences he saw the president as having in his administration,” Snover told KJCT8. “The Obamas are surrounded by rats named FED, EPA and trial lawyers, and vultures named after George Soros and the United Nations.”

A local Tea Party group was disappointed to find the Billboard in Grand Junction missing on Friday when members arrived to rally around the sign.

Friends of the owner of the billboard said he decided to remove the sign after protesters began calling his wife.