Carl Paladino claims Andrew Cuomo was a no-show for gay rights when it counted, Talking Points Memo reported.

Paladino, the GOP's candidate to become the next governor of New York, attacked his Democratic rival just days after defending himself from accusations that he's homophobic.

The new accusations come in an email from the Paladino campaign titled Cuomoland: Andrew's words v. deeds.”

Over the past week Paladino has fought back attacks from gay rights activists and lawmakers and an icy shoulder from fellow Republicans after he told a group of Orthodox Jewish leaders on Sunday that his opposition to gay marriage stems from not wanting children “brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality” is acceptable and hammered Cuomo for taking his children to a gay pride parade, which Paladino called “disgusting” and described as “extreme people in bikini type outfits grinding at each other and doing these gyrations.”

At a gay fundraiser in Manhattan on Thursday, Cuomo told the crowd that he wants to be the governor that legalizes gay marriage in New York.

That wasn't stopping Tea Party favorite Paladino, whose email blasts Cuomo for not speaking up in favor of a failed bid to legalize gay marriage last year.

The email quotes the New York Times reporting that Cuomo was “all but invisible” during last year's debate and failed to call on three fence-sitting senators before the chamber killed the bill.