A nationwide gay college group is calling for the ouster of two students charged in connection with the suicide of Tyler Clementi.

Dharun Ravi and fellow freshman Molly Wei, both 18, have been accused of bullying to death 18-year-old Rutgers University student Clementi.

Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death two weeks ago after learning that his roommate, Ravi, had secretly streamed live video of him having sex with another man onto the Internet.

Ravi and Wei have been charged with invading Clementi's privacy, but New Jersey officials have said they are considering charging the students with committing a hate crime because Clementi was gay.

On Thursday, the group Campus Pride called on the university to expel both students.

“Ravi and Wei acted maliciously to secretly tape Tyler Clementi, even posting comments to encourage others to 'video chat' and watch,” Shane Windmeyer, executive director and founder of Campus Pride, said in a post on the group's blog. “This is an egregious act of invasion of privacy. Both students should be expelled. Period.”

“Rutgers University has an obligation to the family of Tyler Clementi and to parents who have gay kids across the nation to enforce the student code of conduct,” Windmeyer added. “The nation is watching what happens. Rutgers should take immediate action in the wake of this national tragedy and immediately expel both students.”

The group is encouraging students and alumni to contact Rutgers officials and demand the expulsion of both students.