In a new profile published this week in Bloomberg Businessweek, Annise Parker, Houston's gay mayor, says she's responsible for making the city hip.

Parker was installed as mayor of the nation's fourth largest city in January.

Social conservatives who opposed her election made plenty of political hay over her sexual orientation during the campaign. She was also the inspiration behind a now defunct effort to boycott Houston. “Do you want a Texas version of San Francisco? Neither do we!” boycott organizer David H. Grisham said.

In her profile, Parker dismisses all the talk about her sexual orientation: “People assume the toughest decision in my life was coming out. But being gay isn't tough – it's who I am.”

“During a mayoral debate, some guy jumped up and said, 'You've never once mentioned your gay agenda for the city of Houston.' I responded that I was talking about my agenda for the city of Houston. I didn't tell people I was a candidate who happens to be gay. Nobody wants to hear that. I learned it's a distinction you show, not one you say.”

Being Houston's first openly gay mayor has been “a fantastic opportunity to change how people think about my city. I take a lot of credit for raising Houston's coolness factor.”