Gay group Equality North Carolina has launched a campaign to send North Carolina state Rep. Larry Brown boxes of Froot Loops cereal in exchange for donations.

The campaign comes after Brown referred to gay legislators as “fruitloops” in an email discussing plans by the group to honor House Speaker Joe Hackney, a Democrat, for his work in the General Assembly. The group says Hackney has played a pivotal role in blocking efforts to put a gay marriage ban in the state's constitution.

In a response to an email from House Minority Leader Paul Stam announcing the news, Brown wrote: “I hope all the queers are thrilled to see him. I am sure there will be a couple [of] legislative fruitloops there in the audience.” Stam and Brown are Republicans.

The reply, sent on September 27, went out to roughly 60 other lawmakers, presumably all Republicans.

“Well, if it's fruitloops Rep. Brown wants, then that's what we'll give him!” the group wrote in announcing the new campaign.

The campaign, which runs through October 11th at 5PM, pledges to deliver a personalized box of Froot Loops cereal to Brown's office in exchange for a donation to the group.

Brown has refused to comment on the controversy.

“Let's give Rep. Brown a tangible reminder of the people of our state who refuse to put up with such trash talk by sending him Froot Loops!” the group said.