Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi's lawyer issued a statement Wednesday urging the public not to rush to judgment in Tyler Clementi's suicide, CBS News reported.

Ravi and fellow freshman Molly Wei, both 18, have been accused of bullying to death 18-year-old Tyler Clementi.

“Unfortunately, a life has been lost,” attorney Steven Altman said. “Out of respect to Tyler Clementi's family, this is not the time for explanations or defenses or justifications to be made public by an attorney.”

Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death two weeks ago after learning that his roommate, Ravi, had secretly streamed live video of him having sex with another man onto the Internet.

Ravi and Wei have been charged with invading Clementi's privacy, but officials have said they are considering charging the students with committing a hate crime because Clementi was gay.

"In regards to statements made by the prosecuting agencies of their continuing investigation and whether to file bias charges against Dharun Ravi, I am heartened to hear that they are taking their time to learn all the facts before rushing to judgment. I can only hope that the public will do the same," Altman said.

On Tuesday, Wei's attorney denied the student's guilt, saying she's “a wonderful, caring and talented young woman with a bright future.”

Clementi's death has sparked a nationwide debate on gay teens being bullied to death. The subject will be the focus of a Friday CNN town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper.

Ravi and Wei face up to five years in prison if convicted of the privacy charges.