Rankings for Target, 3M and Best Buy dropped from last year on a gay equality index after the companies aided anti-gay Tom Emmer.

The Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) 2011 Corporate Equality Index includes 337 companies, up from 305 last year, with a perfect score. HRC ranks each company on several gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workplace policies and assigns a rating from 0- to 100- percent.

The perfect scores of three Minnesota-based companies, however, dropped significantly in this year's index because of their support of Republican Tom Emmer's bid to become the next governor of Minnesota.

All three corporations donated a significant amount of money to MN Forward, an independent political fund supporting Emmer, who has been linked to the Christian rock band You Can Run But You Can't Hide International, whose members strongly oppose gay rights. He also opposes the right of gay men and lesbians to marry. Minnesota lawmakers are considering whether to legalize gay marriage, and opponents of the institution have backed Emmer.

Each company was penalized 15 points for “failing to take any corrective action in response to significant community concerns.”

HRC has already said it would drop Target and electronics retailer Best Buy from its annual Buying for Equality Guide.

Only one company on the index scored a zero percent.

“ExxonMobil continues to score a zero percent and lose points for resisting shareholder pressure to amend its non-discrimination policy [to include sexual orientation and gender identity],” the report's authors wrote.