Openly gay comedian Ross Mathews' love life is boring, just like he likes it.

Mathews first attracted attention as Ross the Intern on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He also makes frequent stops on E!'s Chelsea Lately.

Speaking to Greg Hernandez at his blog, Mathews, who's in a relationship with fashion expert Salvador Camarena, the man behind the blog Fashion Salvation, said his love life is so boring that it's wonderful.

“Incredible,” Mathews answered to a question about his love life. “I am absolutely, fantastically in love and in a wonderful relationship that is so normal and boring that it makes my heart sing. We have two dogs and a little house. It's been two years and we're going to do the whole [wedding] thing.”

Mathews recently suggested that the couple is ready to start a family.

“My biological clock is ticking,” he said on Chelsea Lately. “And my Salvador and I – we're not sure when we want to get one of those babies. But we're waiting for a sign, like if my piano bar suddenly has a day-care.”

When comedian Arden Myrin commented, “You should get twins and name them Razzle and Dazzle,” Mathews asked, “Are you inside my brain?”