Lesbian moms flick The Kids Are All Right starring Academy Award nominees Julianne Moore and Annette Bening arrives on DVD and Blue Ray on November 16.

In writer-director Lisa Cholodenko's The Kids, the family dynamics of long-term lesbian couple Nic (played Annette Bening) and Jules (Julianne Moore) is altered in unexpected ways when their teenage children seek out Paul (Mark Ruffalo, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Shutter Island), their biological father, whose anonymously donated sperm impregnated the women.

Moore, 49, has said the film is a “portrait of a marriage and a family.”

“I don't think it matters what your sexuality is,” she said. “For Annette and I, we've both been married, we both have children, we know what it's like to parent, we know what it's like to be in a long-term relationship.”

Cholodenko previously directed the lesbian drama High Art.

The film won the Teddy Bear at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale, and has been praised by critics.

The Kids arrives on DVD and Blue Ray on November 16. DVD special features include commentary from director/co-writer Lisa Cholodenko; a behind-the-scenes feature on the making of the film; an interview with Cholodenko on what motivated her to write the screenplay; and co-writers Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg discuss their writing process.