A man's plan to win back his ex-girlfriend backfires on him in Director Marco Berger's romantic flick Plan .

Bruno (played by Manuel Vignau) is determined to win back his ex-girlfriend Laura (Mercedes Quinteros). He becomes obsessed, but remains confident that he's the right man for her. “You're going to end up with me because I'm cuter,” he jokes. Upon hearing that Laura's new beau Pablo (Lucas Ferraro, Botineras) might be bisexual, Bruno concocts a plan to seduce him in order to poison the couple's relationship.

Pablo, a photographer, delights in finding a fan of his favorite television drama, Blind, in Bruno, and the men become fast friends.

Laura is conflicted about her feelings for the men, telling Bruno that she's in love with or at least crazy about Pablo, but continues to sleep with her former lover. “I don't feel guilty with you,” she says, laying in Bruno's bed. But then adds that he's foolish for expecting that they'll someday be reunited.

At a rooftop party, Bruno jokes that he and Pablo are boyfriends, and the the two men are asked to kiss to prove it, but Pablo backs down, offering only a friendly peck.

The seduction increases slowly – Bruno invents progressively fishy ploys to get close to his rival – building up to a sweet, but definitely unexpected, ending.

Plan B is not rated and arrives on DVD in Spanish with English subtitles on October 26.