UK tech website is denying they are stuffing gay-related search keywords into their stories in an effort to boost traffic.

“Absolutely, this is not of our choosing,” Editor Rupert Goodwins told On Top Magazine in an email.

The stories, which began appearing on search engines on Tuesday, are stuffed with gay-related and sexually explicit keywords certain to attract attention.

A search on Google News shows nearly 150 such stories.

The stories include explicit titles such as Upskirt Lingerie Thumbnails, Big Black Cocks Deepthroat, First Time Virgin Lesbians, Free Fat Lesbian Video and Ass Rammed By Giant Dildo, and have been stuffed with sexually explicit and sometimes gay-related keywords, including “free guy gays f***ing video” and “anal gay hunky sex,” to name just a few.

The all-things-tech website said it was working to end the attack.

“We're aware of this incident, and our tech team is working to stop it as soon as possible,” Goodwins said.

“Normal service – for a tech website that wants to stay that way! – will be resumed as soon possible,” he added.