Mike O'Malley who plays dad to Chris Colfer's gay character, Kurt, on the Fox musical comedy hit Glee called Kurt's coming out “awesome.”

Kurt came out gay during the first season of Glee and is expected to get a boyfriend this year.

“My first reaction when he came out was, 'Awesome!'” O'Malley told gay glossy Out. “I didn't think that's where the story was going, and that's why it surprised the audience.”

“You think, here's a guy who played football and he watches Deadliest Catch and he thinks, 'Look at my gay son who's such a disappointment.' But in fact he says, 'I've known for a long time and I just wanted you to tell me the truth.' I think that's really important for gay teens.”

“It's one thing if my kid wants to watch The Sound of Music over and over when I watch the football game. Now he wants to kiss boys. That's a whole new conversation,” he added.

O'Malley, and the entire Glee cast, return to Fox on Tuesday.