A new short film released Tuesday on the Internet features fans praising openly gay singer Adam Lambert.

In the film Adam Lambert Light and Love, fans waiting patiently outside Lupos' Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island to see the rocker talk openly about how the singer has impacted their lives.

“The thing that I most love about Adam Lambert,” says one male fan, “is probably, well one he's gorgeous, and two, I just love how he's so open himself being gay and not worrying about anybody else, how they have to feel about it. And I just love his music, and style, and everything about him.”

A pair of fans say they are drawn to the singer because of “his sexiness … his glammyness … his glitterness.”

The 28-year-old American Idol season 8 runner-up rocked the establishment last year when he come out gay on the cover of Rolling Stone. His performance at last year's American Music Awards was labeled “lewd and filthy” by social conservatives because it featured Lambert locking lips with a male keyboardist.

Filmmaker Juneau Underwood, however, praised Lambert for his openness.

He “promotes honesty. He validates it. It shows the intensity of people's desire to be themselves. … He's unloosed an incredible wave of positive transformation,” she said in a statement announcing the film.