Bisexual pop star Lady Gaga appeared in Portland, Maine on Monday to urge senators to end “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the 1993 law that allows gay troops to serve on the condition they remain celibate and closeted.

On Sunday, the Alejandro singer tweeted her more than 6 million followers: “Meet me in Portland, Maine 2moro to help repeal #DADT. I'm holding a Rally + speaking live in Deering Oaks Park.”

At the rally, held near the University of Southern Maine and titled #4THE14K, a reference to the nearly 14,000 gay and lesbian soldiers discharged under the policy, Lady Gaga made an impassioned plea for Congress to end the policy.

“Equality is the prime rib of America,” she said, referring to a meat dress she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards. “But because I am gay, I don't get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat my country has to offer.”

The 28-year-old singer is on a one-woman crusade that first began several weeks ago when she met with gay troops impacted by the policy.

On Friday, after walking the Video Music Awards red carpet escorted by four gay military veterans and after exchanging tweets on the subject with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, she released a video imploring her fans to join the cause.

“I am here to be the voice of my generation, not the generation of the senators who are voting, but the youth of this country,” Lady Gaga says perched in front of an American flag. “The generation that is affected by this law and whose children will be affected. We are not asking you to agree with or approve of the moral implications of homosexuality, we're asking you to do your job: To protect the constitution.

Supporters of repeal are targeting Senators John McCain of Arizona and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine in an effort to break an expected Republican filibuster on Tuesday when the Senate considers repeal of the 17-year-old law.