Coming out gay for Tyler was a cakewalk compared to admitting he's a bear chaser, but once over his trepidation, the svelte budding actor sets his sights on the hottest bear of them all in Director Doug Langway's BearCity.

After escaping from his former twink-filled world, Tyler (played by newcomer Joe Conti) delves deep into New York's bear scene where he meets the man he's been dreaming of in playbear Roger (Gerald McCullouch, CSI: New York).

Roger, however, is more interested in keeping up his street cred than romancing the twenty-something bear-scene newbie bunking at Fred and Brent's apartment and working at the bear's favorite coffee shop hangout.

Fred (Brian Keane) and Brent (Stephen Guarino) have been together four years, and describe themselves as blissful, but Tyler's sudden fall from the sky has Fred considering whether to open up the relationship.

In considering the possibility, the men offer sweet glimpses into their affection for one another, which, along with their comic timing, allows them to steal much of the movie.

Another couple, Carlos (James Martinez) and Michael (Gregory Gunter) quarrel over Michael's plans to undergo surgery to reduce weight, but the coupling seems less vibrant and more forced.

The snappiest repartee is saved for Tyler's former roommate, super twink Simon (Alex Di Dio), another scene stealer.

“Don't bears just cuddle and fish all day?” Simon asks after learning that Tyler would prefer to chase bears over the thin and hairless.

“Please, bears can be just as gossipy and superficial as circuit queens,” Tyler responds.

Despite his loathing of “big guys with rugs on their backs,” it's Simon who plots with Tyler to win over Roger, described by Simon as the “unattainable lost ark of the covenant bear.”

They put their plan into motion over the three-day bear festival called BearCity.

In the end, BearCity, for which Langway shares writing credit with Lawrence Ferber (Cruise Control), is a sweet and comic romp that is sure to delight furry and hairless alike.

After nearly a year touring the gay film festival circuit and a limited theatrical release, BearCity arrives on DVD October 22. DVD special features include a behind-the-scenes documentary; commentary with Langway, Ferber, Guarino and Gunter; a video of Michael Mirla's Puppy Dog Eyes; a Homopop interview; and a photo gallery.