Actor-comedian-author and self-confessed technophile Stephen Fry explains UK's Sky 3D television in new video.

“3D TV in the home is going to be the next exciting chapter in television history when the Sky 3D channel launches on October 1st and I'm delighted to be able to offer a little clarity on the subject,” the multi-talented Fry says in the video.

In explaining the differences between “active” and “passive” 3D TV, Fry says: “Both show the same glorious 3D images as well as HD. So it's simply a matter of personal taste.”

“This isn't a format war like VHS vs. Betamax or teacup vs. mug,” he adds as he reaches for a cardboard cutout of a teacup seated on a nearby sofa end table.

“What the ...,” Fry exclaims looking at the teacup cutout, “I'm not drinking this. It's flat!”

With his nearly 1.8 million Twitter followers, the openly gay celebrity, who has been described as “deeply dippy for all things digital,” ranks behind only chat show host Ellen DeGeneres and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton in terms of popularity on the networking platform.

The 53-year-old comic actor was named second most influential gay person in Britain by the UK paper the Independent on Sunday in May 2007.