The gang is back and ready to tackle gay marriage on Thursday's season premiere of FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The start of the show's sixth season began with a gay wedding between the characters played by Danny DeVito and Charlie Day.

In the episode, Mac (played by Rob McElhenney) is ditched by a transgender woman (Brittany Danke) to marry another man.

“My character decides that he is going to fight their union in court because he feels it's a gay marriage,” McElhenney told's Greg Hernandez earlier.

“I get married in season six, yup, yeah,” DeVito told the AP. “Don't ask me her name because it ain't a her.”

In fact, it's the character of Charlie, played by Day. The two men get a domestic partnership to qualify for health benefits.

“It's a very difficult road that they're going down,” McElhenney said.

“Dennis (Glenn Howerton) also gets married. And that is sort of the satirical look at marriage in this country and how difficult it was for Carmen, the transgender woman, to wind up getting married,” he added.