Rachel Bilson will guest star as a lesbian on CBS' comedy hit How I Met Your Mother.

Lesbian entertainment website AfterEllen.com is reporting that Bilson will appear in the September 20 season premiere of the show.

In the episode, twenty-nine-year-old Bilson (The O.C., Jumper) plays Cindy, a girl that Ted (played by Josh Radnor) runs into at a bar. Ted recalls having a disastrous date with Cindy, which ends with her kicking him out of her apartment. After the date, Cindy is rude to Ted, and mocks him in the hallway at school.

But in their chance meeting, Cindy is nice to Ted. She apologizes for her behavior and gives him credit for altering her life.

“I won't ruin the whole episode for you,” the author writes, “but I will tell you that you will see Bilson kiss a woman,” then teases with, “but the bonus is it also stars Alyson Hannigan.”

The Emmy-nominated How I Met Your Mother stars gay-dad-to-be Neil Patrick Harris as heterosexual sex hound Barney.