Pop singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera says gay guys give her the best sex advice because “They just lay it out there.”

In a cover story for the October UK edition of Cosmopolitan, Aguilera dishes on men, her marriage to music agent Jordan Bratman and motherhood.

Aguilera married Bratman in 2005 after the couple dated for three years. They welcomed son Max on January 12, 2008.

“[He is] an amazing father,” she said. “Having Max has brought us closer together.”

On romance, Aguilera said she thinks Bratman “takes the cake.”

The Dirrty hitmaker added that she believes her gay friends give her the best sex advice.

“I love giving my male friends advice,” the twenty-nine-year-old artist said. “And when I need advice myself? I go to my gay guy friends. They're very understanding and they are often coming from the same perspective.”

“Who's better at giving advice, gay or straight guys? Well that depends on the advice you're looking for. If it's bedroom related, my gay friends are the best. They just lay it out there!”