Openly gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank's opponent in Tuesday's primary is a woman who heckled him last year.

At the height of the health care reform debate, Rachel Brown jeered Frank at a town hall meeting, where she referred to the Democrat's measure as a “Nazi policy.”

The always subtle Frank responded by telling Brown that talking to her was “like arguing with a dining room table.”

Brown said the exchange inspired her to challenge Frank for the nomination.

“I didn't realize at the time that if you had a better idea, you should take their seat,” Brown told gay weekly Bay Windows.

Frank dismissed his challenger, saying she's “an example of the price you pay for free speech.”

Frank is one of only three openly gay House members. The other two are Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Jared Polis of Colorado. All three incumbents are expected to keep their seats.

Additionally, two more openly gay candidates – David Cicilline of Rhode Island's District 1 and Steve Pougnet of California's District 45 – are vying for a House seat.

Republicans fighting for their party's nomination include a businessman from Brookline, Sean Bielat, and Earl Sholley, a 62-year-old businessman from Norfolk. Both men say Frank stands for big government, something they oppose.

“There is an incredible amount of anger out there against incumbents,” Sholley told the paper. “I'm going to be a political hurricane and defeat Barney Frank.”