Gay readers mostly approve of a hair-raising photo of Chris Colfer published in Rolling Stone.

The picture of 20-year-old Colfer in his persona of Kurt Hummel, a 16-year-old gay student at McKinley High on the Fox musical-comedy hit Glee, puts the teenager in a hairy situation.

Hummel is shown seated in a gay bar holding what appears to be an appletini surrounded by a group of hairy, leather-clad male admirers.

According to readers of, a website dedicated to all-things-gay in showbiz, the photo is not that racy at all.

“I nearly snorted my coffee when I first saw this,” said one commenter going by the username jrex. “Yes, it is a bit edgy, but looking at Chris/Kurt I can't help but think of it as a contemporary homage to a Norman Rockwell painting.”

“I love it,” said another commenter, Abre Deale. “Chris' expression is just priceless. … I think it's deliciously cheeky.”

Eighty percent of respondents to a poll on the website called the picture “Inspired” or “Very edgy, but witty.” Another seventeen percent said the pictured skated close to being inappropriate. And only three percent said it was “Truly inappropriate.”

Hummel is expected to get a boyfriend when the show returns for its second season in the fall.