The always outrageous Scissor Sisters kicked off their campy Fairy Tale Tour on Saturday in Atlanta.

The tour marks the start of the group's push to win over the globe with their third studio album, Night Work, which has been described as the band's gayest yet.

“Before they were suggestive; now they're as straightforward as possible with homosexuality in all its forms,” said.

The group's self-titled debut album exploded onto the music scene like a glittery disco ball in 2004. Their 2006 follow up, Ta-Dah!, took a slight departure, offering more soulful lyrics and quiet rhythms. But the group's massive gay following got off to the hit single She's My Man.

“This was the Scissor Sisters at their best,” raved Spin Magazine about the tour's opening show. “Night Work was crafted for live shows and nightclubs, and the band performed the entire album, except for the track Sex and Violence.”

Members of the Scissor Sisters insist the group is not a gay band, but its three openly gay members, Jake Shears, Babydaddy and Del Marquis, have clearly influenced its music. Tracks often deal with themes that resonate with the lesbian , gay, bisexual and transgender community.