Gay rights activists and Catholics clashed in Guadalajara, Mexico over a recently upheld law that allows gay and lesbian couples to marry and adopt children, the Spanish news agency EFE reported.

Mexico's Roman Catholic Church has condemned recent Supreme Court rulings upholding the constitutionality of a gay marriage law approved by Mexico City lawmakers in December and its provision that allows married gay couples to adopt. But the harshest rhetoric has come from the church's prelates in Guadalajara, the nation's second largest city.

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, the Archbishop of Guadalajara, has accused Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard and his government of bribing the high court to rule in favor of its gay marriage law. Ebrard responded with a lawsuit.

Sandoval Iniguez also accused the court of betraying Mexico, the family and natural law. The court's ruling that allows married gay couples to adopt is certain to harm “many innocent Mexicans,” he wrote in a recent op-ed for El Semanario.

“I do not know of any of you who would like to be adopted by a pair of lesbians of a pair of fags,” he said during a press conference in Aguascalientes. “I think not.”

On Saturday, and again on Sunday, demonstrators from both sides hurled insults at each other at a plaza next to the city's cathedral.

Catholics screamed, “War-war against Lucifer!” and “Adopt a dog fags!”

“We're getting married and we're adopting, we're getting married and we're adopting!” gay activists responded.

The demonstrators numbered in the hundreds, with both sides about evenly matched, according to several reports.