90210's Michael Steger will play a gay prostitute in Sunday's episode of HBO's vampire drama True Blood.

Steger, who plays romantic Navid Shirazi on the CW's nighttime teenage drama 90210, will take on the role of Tony, a gay prostitute who gets picked up by one of the show's regular gay characters, King of Mississippi Russell Edgington (played by openly gay Denis O'Hare). Edgington, who is mourning the loss of his partner of 700 years, Talbot (Theo Alexander), is drawn to Tony because he reminds him of Talbot.

The 30-year-old actor will break with his 90210 candy-coated image to reveal a darker side.

“In True Blood, [I play] this dark character, who's trying to find himself and he has this messed up lifestyle,” Steger told celebrity website Zaptoit.com. “He's a runaway. He doesn't really have any friends. So, he's pretty much a loner.”

On working with O'Hare, Steger said: “I had a great time working with Denis. He's such a generous actor.”

Steger might return to the role on a recurring basis in season 4.