Singer Ricky Martin talks about coming out gay in his new memoir Me, set to hit bookstores on November 2.

The thirty-eight-year-old singer and father of twin boys Valentino and Matteo announced in March on his official website that he's gay: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

Martin said writing his memoir had moved him to open up about his sexuality. The Puerto Rican pop star denied rumors of being gay for over a decade.

“Writing this book allowed me to explore the different paths and experiences that have led me to be who I am today,” Martin said in a release for the book. “I've had to tie up loose ends that I'd never attempted to tie up before, to work deeply into memories that were already erased from my mind. Allowing myself to do this was not easy, but once I started an incredible spiritual healing began. … and I wanted to share my sense of discovery.”

The book, which is being published by Celebra, a division of Penguin, is set to hit bookstores on Tuesday, November 2 in both English and Spanish – titled Me and Yo respectively.