On Chelsea Lately, comedian Ross Mathews said he wants a 'gayby' like gay-dads-to-be Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. The couple announced Saturday on Twitter that they are expecting twins in October.

“I am so inspired by these two men having a 'gayby,'” Mathews said Monday on E!'s late night show.

“My biological clock is ticking. And my Salvador and I – we're not sure when we want to get one of those babies. But we're waiting for a sign, like if my piano bar suddenly has a day-care.”

“Do you think you'll get a surrogate or do think you'll just have sex with a woman to get her pregnant?” host Chelsea Handler asked.

Mathews responded with a long chorus of no's.

When comedian Arden Myrin commented, “You should get twins and name them Razzle and Dazzle,” Mathews asked, “Are you inside my brain?”

Harris is the star of CBS' comedy hit How I Met Your Mother and Burtka is a celebrity chef and part-time actor. The couple entered a domestic partnership in 2004.