Oaxaca's governor-elect Gabino Cue Monteagudo has said his government will recognize the gay marriages of Mexico City.

Speaking to Ciudadania Express, Monteagudo made reference to a recent spate of Supreme Court decisions that declared the capital's law, and its gay adoption provision, to be constitutional and ordered Mexican states to recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples originating from Mexico City. The court stopped short of ordering states to follow the capital's lead.

“We live in a system of institutions and laws, in which the court ruled adoption to be constitutional and we must abide by it,” Monteagudo said.

The decision to legalize gay marriage in the capital sparked a heated debate between the liberal PRD party of Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard and the federal government's conservative ruling party, the PAN. The Roman Catholic Church has strongly condemned the law, especially its lifting of a previous ban on gay adoption.

The federal government challenged the law, arguing that it was detrimental to children. But in three decisive back-to-back decisions, the country's Supreme Court sided with the city.

The Catholic church has said the law is more destructive than drug trafficking and has called for the ouster of Ebrard's government.

Monteagudo assumes office on December 1.