A newly released poll shows Chicago-area residents evenly divided on gay marriage.

The new poll, released Monday by windy city daily The Chicago Tribune, shows an equal number of respondents (42%) for and against the legalization of gay marriage. Another 15 percent have no opinion.

Suburban dwellers are more likely to oppose gay marriage. Forty-six percent of Chicago-area suburbanites oppose the institution, 40 percent approve and 14 percent have no opinion.

Support is greater for recognizing gay and lesbian couples with civil unions, with 54 percent in agreement and 33 percent opposed.

TimeOut Chicago criticized the paper for giving greater emphasis in its reporting to opponents of gay unions.

“The Trib article ends with the same emphasis with which it begins: 'there remains a substantial portion of the population that considers same-sex relationships to be morally wrong.' That 'substantial portion,' according to the Trib, is 37 percent Oh, by the way: The percentage who don't hold that view is 50 percent – um, an even more 'substantial portion,' if my first-grade math is correct,” Novid Parsi wrote at the website's blog.

Gay marriage in Illinois, considered a progressive state, remains well out of reach for proponents. However, many gay rights advocates believe the state is ready to approve a civil unions bill.

A recent nationwide poll conducted by CNN found for the first time a slim majority (50.5 %) of Americans in support of gay marriage.