Brent Bowers, the former Edmonton Capitals field manager, is apologizing for an anti-gay tirade against umpire Billy Van Raaphorst, Fox News reported.

Bowers, 39, told the conservative network that he was “wrong.”

“I would apologize to anybody,” he said. “I've grown up so much in the past week.”

After two consecutive days of being thrown out of games in the first inning by Van Raaphorst, Bowers launched a full anti-gay tirade at the umpire on July 31.

According to Van Raaphorst's report to the league, Bowers ran up to the umpire and screamed: “You know what I heard? I heard you are a fucking faggot. The rumor from several managers and people in the league is that you are a fag.”

“So what do you do you do fucking faggot?” he said, then bent over and added, “Do you take it up the fucking ass you faggot?”

The six-foot-four 290-pound Van Raaphorst walked away from the altercation.

The Golden Baseball League gave Bowers a two-game suspension and a $500 fine for his outburst. League umpires disagreed with the reprimand and pressured the league to force Bowers to resign.

“I wish I had those 10 minutes back,” Bowers said. “It was just the heat of the moment.”

“I didn't care that [Van Raaphorst] was gay,” he added. “My mom works with a lot of gay hairdressers and I joke around with those guys all the time. My cousin, she's a lesbian. It doesn't matter to me, as long as people are happy.”