California Attorney General Jerry Brown is urging a federal appeals court to allow the resumption of gay marriages in the state, the AP reported.

Brown, who is the Democratic nominee for governor, filed paperwork Friday with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after Proposition 8 proponents moved to block gay marriages from resuming as they appealed a district court's decision striking down the measure as unconstitutional.

Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker put his decision on hold until Wednesday, August 18 at 5PM, at which time gay marriages would resume in the state unless the appeals court acts.

In his filing, Brown said the state would suffer no harm by having Proposition 8 lifted.

The coalition of conservative groups that defended the law after state officials, including Brown and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, refused to do so asked the court to block the marriages to “avoid the confusion and irreparable injury that would flow from the creation of a class of purposed same-sex marriages.”

Lawyers for the plaintiffs – two gay couples suing for the right to marry in California – said a permanent stay of the order would harm his clients.

“Indeed, the only harm at issue here is that suffered by Plaintiffs and other gay and lesbian Californians each day that Proposition 8's discriminatory and irrational deprivation of their constitutional rights remains in force,” the lawyers argued.

Walker has expressed doubts over whether Protect Marriage, the sponsor of the 2008 measure, has legal standing to appeal the case because they are not the named defendants. The lawsuit lists Schwarzenegger and Brown as defendants, but both officials refused to defend the law and have said they would not appeal.

Voters approved Proposition 8 five months after the California Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.