The Reverend Sister Go-Go is ready to marry gay and lesbian couples in the wake of a federal judge's decision that struck down Prop 8.

The reverend is also known as Jane Wiedlin, rhythm guitarist-singer of the 80's all-girl band the Go-Go's.

“I am absolutely overjoyed that sane minds have prevailed and Prop H8 has been overturned,” Wiedlin wrote at her website. “Equal rights for adult humans is not something that should EVER be put to a vote.”

Wiedlin is supporting the ruling by holding a marriage sale, ostensibly only for straight couples.

“In celebration of this historic and joyful event, we have lowered the price of my officiant services,” she wrote at her website. “No matter what your orientation, if you and your beloved are going to tie the knot, I would be honored to be part of your happy day.”

Wiedlin has acknowledged that it might be a while before she can officiate at a marriage ceremony for gay couples. California recognizes gay and lesbian couples with domestic partnerships.

“It's going to be a lot more fighting back and forth,” she told