Cynthia Nixon and Cheyenne Jackson are venting their frustration at New York's rejection of gay marriage after a federal judge struck down Prop 8.

Both openly gay celebrities say they wish to marry in New York.

But despite strong public support, the New York Senate last year rejected a gay marriage bill endorsed by the governor and approved by the Assembly.

On Wednesday, California's gay marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge.

Broadway star Jackson called the ruling a “giant step forward,” while Sex and the City 3 star Nixon said, “It's a beautiful day in California today,” according to gay glossy The Advocate.

Both actors went on to vent their frustrations at New York's foot dragging on the issue.

Now come on, home state of New York,” Jackson added. “We all know that you're the 'concrete jungle where dreams r made of,' so make mine come true and take the necessary steps to allow me to make it legal with my man. Step up, we believe in you.”

New York,” Nixon said, “is hoping to bask in some of that sunshine before too long.”