Will & Grace star Eric McCormack insists the television sitcom included lots of gay sex.

McCormack, who played openly gay lawyer Will Truman for 8 seasons on the NBC comedy, rejected criticism of the show that it had too little gay sex.

Speaking to Rex Wockner, McCormack said: “Will had as much sex on camera as anybody on Friends had on camera. Nobody has sex on camera.”

The forty-seven-year-old actor insisted that Will had lots of dates.

“Will was dating Patrick Dempsey and he married Taye Diggs,” he said.

McCormack, however, conceded that his character lacked a love life during the show's early years, saying the criticism came from “people that had stopped watching the show about three years earlier.”

“I think the show actually ended up being – as much as it got very outrageous near the end – it also got more outspoken,” he said.

McCormack was honored for his gay advocacy by Equality California, the state's largest gay rights advocate, in May.

He said he received the group's Equality Award for speaking out “as a straight man on behalf of the [gay] community.”

“My kid, in his class he's got kids with two moms and kids with two dads; it's going to be different when he's in his 20s but right now it's still a fight to be had and I've done what little I could,” he said.

Source: Rex Wockner