An online survey has found that a majority of Argentinians approve of gay marriage.

The survey was conducted by Argentina's 110-year-old paper El Debate.

The paper asked: “A few hours ago and after prolonged discussion, Argentina became the first Latin American country that allows marriage between members of the same sex. Do you agree with this new law?”

Fifty-seven percent of respondents to the poll said they agreed with the law, while 41 percent disagreed and the remainder said they had no opinion.

Argentina became the tenth country to legalize gay marriage last Wednesday when President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner signed the gay marriage law approved by lawmakers.

The campaign to legalize gay marriage was fiercely opposed by the Roman Catholic Church, which called the movement the devil's handiwork.

The first gay wedding is expected to take place between two men – together for over 22 years – in the city of Mendoza on July 31.

Two of Argentina's neighbors – Uruguay and Paraguay – are expected to debate gay marriage. And Chile will consider a bill that recognizes gay and lesbian couples with civil unions.