The Australian classification board has banned Bruce LaBruce's gay zombie flick L.A. Zombie from screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival, which opens Saturday, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

From his home in Toronto, LaBruce said he was “delighted” by the decision.

“I'll never understand how censors don't see that the more they try to suppress a film, the more people will want to see it,” he said. “It gives me a profile I didn't have yesterday.”

L.A. Zombie stars French gay porn star Francois Sagat as a schizophrenic gay zombie who believes he can bring the dead back to life by having sex with them.

“People come back to life [in my film], it's a metaphor for healing,” he said.

The board's director said the film refused classification. Festival officials have not announced if they would appeal the decision.

LaBruce said the version of the film submitted for the festival had been stripped of its hard-core sex, leaving the veteran director surprised by the board's decision.

“My film is debuting at Locarno in competition, it's a prestigious festival,” he said. “So it's self evident it has artistic merit and most censorship boards take that into account. I'm surprised [the Australian classification board] didn't take it into consideration, if they knew.”

LaBruce's work has faced censorship in the past, including his 1996 film Hustler White, which features Madonna's then-boyfriend Tony Ward as a male prostitute and a controversial amputee sex scene.