Mexico City tourism officials want the first gay couple to marry in Argentina to honeymoon in their city and is offering to pay all expenses, Mexican media outlet Univision reported.

Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage on Thursday. The law takes effect as soon as it is published in the nation's official register.

Gay and lesbian couples can also marry in the Mexican capital and officials there want to promote the megacity as a destination for gay and lesbian tourists.

“Mexico City and its private sector will grant a honeymoon in the capital city and a beach resort to the first gay couple to marry in Argentina,” Tourism Secretary Alejandro Rojas said in a statement.

The city government would pay the air fare for the newlywed couple and is looking to the private sector in Mexico City and Cancun to pick up the hotel and restaurant portion of the honeymoon.

Rojas said the offer was “a recognition of tolerance” and a way to promote gay tourism in Mexico.

The city approved the gay marriage law in December, and on March 11 a lesbian couple became the first to marry during a mass ceremony in the courtyard of the Municipal Palace.