Critics are finding few flaws with the Julianne Moore-Annette Bening lesbian moms flick The Kids Are Alright.

The veteran actresses star as a lesbian couple struggling to keep their family together in the comedy-drama which opened in select cities Friday.

“Approaches perfection,” said USA Today.

The Kids Are Alright “is so canny in its insights and so agile in its negotiation of complex emotions that it deserves to stand on its own,” wrote the New York Times.

Reviewers say the film does a great job at presenting gay parents as nothing unusual, gay marriage as an accepted norm and gay families as everyday folks.

“Nic [played by Bening] and Jules [Moore], a couple with two children, a Volvo and a tidy, spacious house in a pleasant suburban stretch in Southern California, are a picture of normalcy,” A. O. Scott writes at the Times.

That picture perfect life is threatened when their teenage children seek out Paul (played by 42-year-old Mark Ruffalo), their biological father, whose anonymously donated sperm impregnated the women.

Reviewers are feeling what the film's director/co-writer Lisa Cholodenko had hoped for: normalcy.

“There are these families in every city across the land,” Cholodenko said in an interview with “It is not so rarefied, it's not so special, and at the end of the day everyone has the same issues and problems. Marriages endure the same ups and downs and kids have to break away from their families and their parents, you know, go off to college.”