Country music star Chely Wright says coming out lesbian has allowed her to “come together.”

Sunday's Chicago gay pride parade will feature the 39-year-old singer-songwriter as grand marshal.

Wright came out gay in an interview with People magazine in May. In that interview, Wright called her coming out “magical” and revealed that she once believed she could alter her sexual orientation by praying it away.

Wright, who released her eighth studio album, Lifted Off The Ground, and a memoir titled Like Me on May 4, told Access Hollywood that she cut off “cold turkey” former boyfriend Brad Paisley once she realized the damage she was doing living a lie.

In a new interview with the Chicago Now blog Redeye released Friday, Wright said coming out has brought her peace.

Leading gay parades is the antithesis of a lifetime hiding in the closet. She said she had promised herself to take the secret to her grave.

“And here I am, walking on stage, arms in the air, you know? 'I'm gay! I'm really gay!' I don't feel like I just came out, I feel like I came together,” she said.

Wright is set to appear at the N. Clark Borders Books at 4PM on Saturday and ride in Sunday's gay pride parade.