Denis O'Hare says his gay marriage on HBO's vampire drama True Blood is “well-traveled” and “a little frayed at the edges” but “there's always an incredible deep affection at the base of it.”

True Blood, now in its third season, brings to life the Charlaine Harrris' Southern vampire mysteries. The 48-year-old openly gay O'Hare made his debut Sunday as Russell Edgington, vampire king of Mississippi.

Edgington, a 2,800-year-old vampire, arrived with his partner of 700 years, Talbot (played by Theo Alexander). The handsome couple are certain to heat up an already hot show.

Speaking to gay glossy The Advocate, O'Hare described his on-screen gay marriage.

“What you'll see is a marriage that's well-traveled and a little frayed at the edges,” he said. “These guys snipe and complain, but there's always an incredible deep affection at the base of it.”

When asked if the couple shares an open relationship, O'Hare answered: “Well, you know, after 700 years, you gotta keep it spicy.”

In comparing his real-life relationship with interior decorator Hugo to his on-screen romance, O'Hare said the only similarity that exists is that the men share an obsession with decorating.

True Blood is the creation of openly gay director, writer Alan Ball. Ball is best known for penning the 2000 Oscar-winning movie American Beauty and more recently HBO's gay-inclusive Six Feet Under.