Cambridge, Massachusetts Mayor David Maher publicly announced over the weekend that he's gay, but added that the news should not surprise anyone.

Maher spoke about his sexual orientation for the first time during the city's 20th annual gay pride brunch.

In his speech, the 51-year-old mayor said he was proud to be the third consecutive openly gay mayor in Cambridge.

“In the early 1990s my city council colleague Ken Reeves came out as the first openly gay mayor of Cambridge – since that time Denise Simmons and I have both had the privilege and honor of serving as mayor,” Maher told a gathering of about a dozen Saturday.

Last year, Simmons made headlines when she married her longtime partner Mattie B. Hayes in a predominantly African-American church, a historic first.

Maher told the Cambridge Chronicle that he's never hidden the fact that he's gay, but instead has “tried very hard to separate my public life from my private life.”

The paper reported that the mayor has been in a committed relationship for more than 30 years.