Blake Lewis' summer tour includes major gay bars and several gay pride festivals across the U.S.

Lewis first gained fame as the runner-up on the sixth season of Fox's talent contest show American Idol.

He has released two studio albums: A.D.D. (Audio Day Dream) and Heartbreak on Vinyl.

In 2007, Lewis revealed to that he was very shy to approach women.

“I'm sexually frustrated!,” he said. “I broke up with my girlfriend right before Hollywood week, which was sad. I have no game. I get scared because I regard women as the most beautiful creatures in the world. But when [I'm performing], it's easier because they come talk to me.”

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter will perform at least four gay festivals this summer, including Portland Pride on June 20th, Minneapolis Pride on June 27th, San Diego Pride on July 18 and at Chicago's North Halsted Marketdays on August 8. He's already fired up crowds at Austin Pride, Gay Days in Orlando and at Indy Pride this summer.

Next Thursday he'll headline at Splash Bar, a New York gay dance club known for its wet and wild nearly naked go-go boys.