A gay couple is seeking the recognition of their Canadian marriage in Germany, the AP reported.

Andreas Boettcher is fighting to have his 2006 Canadian marriage to a Spanish man recognized by the government. Both Canada and Spain offer gay marriage.

On Tuesday, Boettcher took his case to a Berlin administrative court after local authorities refused to recognize his Canadian marriage certificate.

While gay marriage is most plentiful Europe, many countries – Germany, England and France included – have opted to recognize gay couples with alternative unions, such as registered partnerships in Germany. The union gives gay and lesbian couples most of the rights and obligations of marriage, except joint adoption and full tax benefits.

German leaders have considered legalizing gay marriage. In March, the government of the city of Berlin introduced a gay marriage bill.

According to a 2006 Angus-Reid Global Monitor poll, a majority of Germans (52%) support the legalization of gay marriage.

The 37-year-old Boettcher said he is prepared to take the case as far as needed to have his marriage recognized by the government.