Colorado Congressman Jared Polis is among the lawmakers urging the FDA to reverse its ban on gay blood.

In a story published Thursday, On Top Magazine noted a letter written to a Health & Human Services advisory committee considering the policy this week was signed by openly gay representatives Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin but not Polis.

“[Illinois Representative Mike] Quigley's office made a mistake,” Brian Branton, chief of staff for Polis, wrote in an email.

Quigley's office admitted their original press release incorrectly omitted Polis as a signer of the letter.

“Mr. Polis signed the June 9th bicameral letter to HHS,” Aviva F. Gibbs, communications director for Congressman Quigley, said. “He was inadvertently omitted from our press release. Once we noticed our error, we issued a correction.”

Polis also signed onto a March letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg urging the agency to reexamine the policy. Hamburg initially declined the call but eventually agreed to this week's advisory panel.

“Not only was Congressman Polis an original signer to the letter, but he also joined Congressman Quigley on an op-ed on the subject,” Branton said.

“Congressman Polis has really been one of the leaders on this effort,” he added.

In urging for reform, the lawmakers argue that the ban specifically singles out gay men and is scientifically unsound.

The FDA currently imposes a lifetime ban on men who have had a sexual relationship with another man since 1977 from donating blood. But the agency only excludes people who have engaged in heterosexual sexual activity with a person know to have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, for one year.

Gay rights groups say the policy creates an unfair double standard and that it stigmatizes gay men.