Organizers of Sao Paulo's giant gay pride parade used Sunday's event to send a political message to politicians during an election year.

An estimated 3.2 million revelers flooded down the city's main artery in what is billed by organizers as the world's largest gay pride parade.

As Brazil looks to elect new leaders in October, pride organizers themed this year's event “Vote against homophobia.”

“We're bringing a strong theme this year to encourage people to vote for candidates who really are doing something on behalf of LGBT people,” Alexandre Santos, president of the Association of GLBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, told

Brazil decriminalized being gay in 1830 and discrimination based on sexual orientation was outlawed in 1988. But many rights – including marriage – remain out of reach and violence against LGBT people is on the rise. Homophobic attacks left 198 people dead last year. (Brazil does recognize legal gay marriages from other countries.)

The brightly colored revelers made their way down skyscraper-lined Avenida Paulista in South America's largest city. The event continues to draw thousands of tourists every year and has eclipsed Sydney's legendary gay pride as the world's largest.