According to Lisa Miller's attorney, the ex-gay mom likely fled to San Salvador last September to escape a court order to give up custody of her daughter to her former lesbian partner, the AP reported.

Miller was found in contempt of court in February for failing to appear in a Vermont courtroom to give up the child and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

That order, however, only applies in Vermont and Miller was last seen living in Virginia after she fled her 4-year civil union to Janet Jenkins and renounced being gay in 2004.

In dissolving the couple's civil union, a Family Court judge originally awarded Miller, who is the biological mother through artificial insemination, custody of the child but granted liberal visitation rights to Jenkins. The court reversed the ruling after it found out Miller was denying her former partner access to their eight-year-old daughter Isabella.

The girl is now listed as missing.

Miller objects to Jenkins having any contact with the child because she is a lesbian.

“[Isabella] knows that Ms. Jenkins' choice to continue to live a homosexual lifestyle is a sin,” Miller said in court documents.

Miller's lawyers continue to litigate on her behalf. The Vermont Supreme Court on June 23 will hear a challenge to the November 2009 ruling that awarded custody to Jenkins.